A healing music experience | born in L.A. / debuted in Athens, GR / based in NYC

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For the purification of the soul, for the healing of the body, for the arousal of the spirit.

The healing power of the voice through its therapeutic frequencies.

A build-up of looping vocals. A hyperrealistic existential journey. Tuning in with the senses.

Online soundbath, healing meditation music. Contact for private session,
  • This event is a combination of vocal performance and meditative ritual, through melodies and frequencies. All sounds are created with voices. No pre-recorded sounds or samples. In order to receive the most out of this session, when online, headphones (earphones) or great quality speakers are recommended.  


A note from Labros Filippou (ATBC):

And They Built Churches  is the name of this project and what I’m offering here is an avant-garde sound-bath, as they call it in the language of meditation and sound therapy. Only, different. It is a bath of sound of melodies & frequencies with psychedelic hues.

It consists of Byzantine hymns, Shamanic voice drones, voices of animals and the nature, numbers and a wide range of frequencies – from very low to countertenor notes.


This project was born in Los Angeles and it is mostly performing around NYC, where my base is, and also in Greece, where I come from and where I’m spending a few months every year, and Europe. ATBC offers avant-garde shows and meditative sound-baths. This period, I’m collaborating with the visual artist, Georgios Cherouvim, with whom I have created ‘manna’, recently presented at ADAF (GR), LIGHTBOX.IO (NYC) and is about to be hosted in more platforms and festivals around the world. (Find excerpts in this page.)

All audio is created with voices only and does not include pre-recorded material or samples. It is a LIVE composition.

Online soundbath, healing meditation music meets avant-garde. Contact for private session,

No samples or pre-recorded material. Live vocals only.

Looping countertenor operatic vocals, animal voices, Byzantine hymns and Shamanic voice drones meet
rhythmic psychedelia, electricity and electronic arts.

An avant-garde sound-bath to oneness.

 Created and produced by (©) And They Built Churches. 

Cover Artwork by Snowhite.
Booking / Contact:  AndTheyBuiltChurches@gmail.com

(concert / film score / sound bath sessions)